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Planting the Seeds

The name 
Dream Chocolate comes from our vision and mission, what ever you can dream about chocolate, whether what to eat, what you can mix with it or just having it plain, we can make this dream come true. We were founded in 2002 with intent of perfection.

Where Cacao Meets Conservation
  • Chocolate was a food for the natives of Central America and it took the Europeans to turn it into candy that offered flavor and sugar energy.

  • We at Dream Chocolate are dedicated to making a delicious food that will in moderation satisfy hunger pangs and brighten ones day. Our passion evolved into a business with a mission to craft deeply satisfying chocolate in a socially responsible way. Its name — Dream Chocolate, the dreams of many who have passions of chocolate!

  • In sourcing its ingredients, the Dream Chocolate Company has found suppliers who share values in preserving the Earth and taking care of the people who grow and produce this wonderful food. In Idaho, the Dream Chocolate factory honors the earth’s limited resources by reducing energy consumption, using recyclable packaging and striving for zero waste from farm to consumer. Contact Us for more information.