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Dream Chocolate Company was founded in 2002 with the intent of perfection and satisfaction. Our vision is to help fortify the vision of our customers,  "if you have a dream, we can make a chocolate bar for you." We are dedicated to making high quality chocolate in a socially responsible way. Dream Chocolate Company has found suppliers who share values in preserving the Earth and taking care of the people who grow and produce this wonderful organic food. The cocoa beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, to make sure our product is grown responsibly and the workers are treated well and paid fairly. These Artisan made chocolate bars are hand poured and hand labeled to maintain a quality crafted product and to provide jobs to local citizens.

Idahoans work hard to build a strong community and we at Dream Chocolate like to support other local businesses by manufacturing bars with their own company logo printed on the label. Our product is distributed to many local stores throughout the area.


In our capacity as a traditional business with a wealth of experience going back more than a twelve years of chocolate making, and as a specialist in the area of Custom-label chocolate we can fulfill almost every wish – professionally, flexibly and promptly. Our team of experts will remain in close contact with the persons responsible in your company. 

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Our team of experts will remain in close contact with the persons responsible in your company. Chocolate was a food for the natives of Central America and it took the Europeans to turn it into candy that offered flavor and sugar energy.Our marketing department will be happy to answer your queries at any time.
 We look forward to hearing your ideas!